Bad service won’t mesh with new Google

Google is changing the algorithm it uses to determine SEO-related stuff such as page rankings, and I suspect the new rules will motivate a greater number business owners and publishers to pay more attention to reaching customers online.

Those who have long ignored the social media space, and others who’ve rejected best practices and resorted to buying or begging webmasters with unrelated goals to write insincere reviews or link to company websites, may realize just how much an overall lack of engagement is undercutting their ability to drive traffic in the digital age.

Google is also working to integrate Google+ Local pages across multiple properties, including its arsenal of search, maps and mobile tools, an indication of the email and search engine giant’s emphasis on the social networking arena. The advent of desktop publishing, advances in mobile connectivity and the phenomenon known as social media have extended to companies and brands countless opportunities to inform, encourage and interact with target audiences online. Now Google wants in the game, evidenced in part by the company’s interest in content.

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