Three Razors Media is a real estate marketing agency located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Building Strong Foundations for Business


Real estate is all about location. Smart builders survey the land they intend to develop. Three Razors starts by taking inventory of your existing marketing materials, public relations collateral and digital real estate, claiming and aggregating valuable online assets on your behalf. We then pour a foundation that adheres to your identity, and accurately portrays your unique brand.


Roads, bridges, sewers and pipelines set the tone for sought-after residential communities and centers of commercial development. In business, installing sound infrastructures is essential for successful long-term growth. At Three Razors, we take the time to understand your mission, your vision, your values and your culture. Then we monitor engagement with your business, value propositions, industry partners and employees all while uncovering opportunities to break new ground.


Owners and tenants love the sight and smell of new construction. In the world of digital media, real estate marketing and multimedia public relations, audiences lean toward professionally designed spaces populated with sharp biographies, compelling articles and dynamic images. Three Razors combines some modern tools and grassroots techniques to effectively articulate your core messages while engaging with targeted audiences in print, in person and on the web.