Three Razors Media is a real estate marketing agency located in Des Moines, Iowa.


Cutting Edge Real Estate Marketing Agency
Des Moines, Iowa

Three Razors Media, located in Des Moines, Iowa, offers an array of copywriting and editing services centered on telling the stories of executive-level decision makers and growth-oriented brands.

Our writers produce professionally edited copy intended for all forms of print and online media – from websites, blog pages and social media to trade journals, industry magazines, custom publications, and the working press.

We specialize in crafting, distributing and promoting press releases and product announcements, in addition to maintaining genuine working relationships with the journalists and reporters who cover real estate marketing and construction oriented fields.

Our portfolio of professional work includes white papers, case studies, jobs stories, articles, bios and executive profiles, as well as timely and original content for newsletters, websites, flyers, postcards, banners, brochures and more.

Three Razors creates cutting edge marketing and communications plans that break through the noise. We are multimedia storytellers and digital media problem solvers who combine some modern tools and grassroots techniques to actively engage with targeted audiences on your behalf.

As your outsourced marketing department – or an extension of your in-house team – Three Razors will help to overcome unique challenges associated with the timely, effective and consistent articulation of core messages in print, in person and on the web.

We are full-service relations company. Our focus is on expanding your reach via the delivery of uniform experiences that resonate with clients and future customers.

Contact us by email or call (515) 953-8247 today to transform your knowledge, expertise and unique value propositions into a multimedia storytelling action plan aimed at setting you apart as a thought leader in the industries you serve.

by email or call (515) 953-8247 today to create your multimedia storytelling action plan.