Three Razors Media is a real estate marketing agency located in Des Moines, Iowa.


Cutting Edge Real Estate Marketing Agency
Des Moines, Iowa

Three Razors Media, located in Des Moines, Iowa is a leading provider of multimedia, storytelling services with an exclusive focus on growing the reach of real estate, construction, agriculture, energy and manufacturing oriented brands.

Our team of professional writers, photographers, designers and programmers specializes in blending modern tools and some grassroots techniques to help business decision makers overcome unique challenges associated with the timely – and consistent – articulation of core messages.

We operate across an array of media in print, in person and on the web.

Our game is the creation, personalization and distribution of press releases and product announcements, in tandem with designing, building and populating modern websites, alongside the development of social media infrastructures, custom publishing and digital media campaigns.

Three Razors is among most innovative companies employing forward-thinking professionals operating in the industries today. Three Razors, while specializing in real estate marketing, is a full-service relations company. That means any place a customer comes in contact with your name is where we strive to stand in the gap, ensuring those interactions are beneficial to the customer.

We accomplish this while upholding the image of and promoting mutual integrity among the brands.

Is your business ready to construct a robust network of brand ambassadors, raising awareness of, expanding reach, and drawing greater attention to your unique value propositions? All while reaching out to both existing customers and prospective clients in the vertical markets you serve.

Contact Three Razors and ask how the development of a well-defined marketing campaign or public relations action plan could set you apart as a thought leader in the digital age.