Going social in the C-suite

Social Media Real Estate CEoMore than half of the world’s chief executives will likely use social media within five years, say the authors of an IBM study that found transparency and collaboration weigh heavily on the minds of future leaders.

Today, only 16 percent of the 1709 CEOs surveyed use social media. The growth to 57 percent will come as new technologies and communication platforms shape employee and consumer mentalities in increasingly competitive digital landscapes.

“Companies that outperform their peers are 30 percent more likely to identify openness – often characterized by a greater use of social media as a key enabler of collaboration and innovation – as a key influence on their organization,” writes Forbes contributor Mark Fidelman, in a breakdown of the study. He says social media is on track to become No. 2 organizational engagement method by 2017, right behind face-to-face encounters.

So what does this mean for real estate professionals who depend on building strong relationships with everyone from bankers to builders to get tenants in place or developments off the ground? Those aspiring to the C-suite are beginning to realize the value of laying their digital media foundations. If your business or career depends interacting with customers and collaborating on the B2B front, it may be a good time to assess where you stand in the social media environment.

Which of you business associates, industry partners and competitors have built out their presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? What are they talking about? Who are they talking to? Why does it matter?

More gatekeepers and decision-makers are looking for ways to do business right out in the open, in real time. It makes no difference whether you’re a sales associate or the vice president. Taking a hard look at current your social media strategy – or lack thereof – could place you in a stronger position for an executive-level promotion.

As social media moves further away from fad and closer to the norm, those who stake their claimsnow will reap greater benefits as they move up the ladder.

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